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Chatzara, Viktoria, LL.M.


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Staying abreast of international developments, the telecommunications group of Rokas attends and lectures at conferences, including the International Bar Association Telecommunications Law Committee and the domestic government and industry forum.

The firm has assisted clients to participate in the bidding process for Greek mobile telephone contracts and licensing applications for the domestic provision of international services. We also advise multinational enterprises on the issuing of audiotex licenses, on licensing regulations concerning mobile satellite telephony and alternative network establishment, as well as on joint ventures and subsidiaries in Greece and in other SE European countries. Clients have also been advised in relation to telecoms privatization in other SE European states.

Indicative projects undertaken by our firm include, among others, provision of expert advice to one of the world’s largest technology global players on licensing, regulatory and corporate aspects of its business in Greece and in other countries of the Central and SE European region (i.e. Albania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia); legal counsel to an international company on its IT distribution contracts for Greece; advice to a global player in the telecommunications sector, on the non-harmonised area of fixed VSAT and Ku-band satellite and offshore communications as well as advice, preparation and submission of license applications and representation before the regulatory authorities; provision of legal expert services to a large alternative infrastructure enterprise on the licensing and contractual issues connected with the installation of fibre optic networks in the gas and electricity network infrastructure that was then under construction in Greece.

Rokas members wrote the chapter for Greece in "Baker & McKenzie's Telecommunication Laws in Europe", a comprehensive guide to law, regulation and practical development in each European State (Sweet & Maxwell, 1998, and updated editions to-date). Members of the firm drafted an 80-page report for the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications containing commentary and draft legislative proposals relating to radio frequency licensing and modernization of the legislative framework for the telecommunications and frequency regulatory bodies, including comparative studies from the USA, Canada and Europe.

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