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Reform, as a significant economic process, needs dependable strategies from consultants that have achieved these objectives. Additionally, given the political dimensions of such reforms, the strategies that should be followed must be tailored to fit each individual country.

In Rokas we have acquired, over the years, valuable expertise both in privatization processes in each of the countries we have a presence, thus providing confidence to our governmental or private clients regarding our ability to assist them resolve related problems.

Privatizations are mostly connected to governments that are eager to turn under-performing assets and inefficient services associated with state-owned enterprises into efficient companies or to detach them from state economics. Members of our firm have provided, among others, legal expert services to the Hellenic Ministry of Economy and Finance on the development of special legislation for the establishment, organization and operation of the Mechanism for Support and Promotion of Public Private Partnerships (PPPs). Some other, significant projects that Rokas has undertaken in the last few years in this practice area include being selected by the Hellenic Inter-ministerial Committee on Privatisation and Restructuring (Hellenic Ministry of Finance) as legal consultant on the project of privatisation of the Hellenic Defence Systems; being selected by one of the six largest banking global players, a leader in global financial services, to undertake the legal work in the process of the greatest privatisation in Albania, that of their national oil refineries; being selected by the same banking group as a member of the consortium that undertook the privatisation project of a major national aluminium plant of the Former Republic of Yugoslavia, that of KAP in Montenegro - a company whose production represents (directly and indirectly) almost 50% of Montenegro’s GDP - in which our legal expert services included the issues of tender procedure, .environment protection, electricity supply and other contract and corporate law issues. We acted as legal advisor: of the Government of Montenegro in several other privatisations of industrial plants; of the Government of North Macedonia in a project of privatisation of 15 loss making companies; of numerous private clients in performing legal due diligence and with regard to participation as potential purchasers in tender and auction privatisation procedures in Greece, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia and other countries of SE Europe.

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