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The Rokas’ intellectual property - trademarks team deals with patents, trademarks, copyrights and industrial design cases, for international and local corporate clients and individuals, in the jurisdictions where the firm is active as well as within the international (WIPO) and European Union (EUIPO) statute framework.

We advise on the registration and protection of patents and trademarks at European and local level; we represent our clients in administrative proceedings and in disputes before civil and administrative courts at every instance, as well as before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the General Court of the EU. We further represent our clients in multi-party negotiations regarding the rights of collective rights societies, such as, for example, those related to the private copying levy.

The relevant subject matter may further involve counterfeit and pirated goods, customs disputes, parallel imports, goodwill and reputation rights, technical innovations, trade secrets, confidential information. A dedicated team handles unfair competition cases.

As part of our practice we have advised on several occasions the Greek government and the Athens Chambers of Commerce on trademark law issues, particularly in connection to suggested legislative reforms and the implementation of international treaties regarding trademarks and corporate names.

Trademark disputes recently handled by our firm involve a number of industries. For example, we represented a major Greek Bank before the EUIPO on several oppositions and appeals involving infringement of its trademarks; another Greek Bank on a trademark dispute with a foreign financial institution. We acted as trademark counsel to a well-known insurance and reinsurance company; to a widely known healthcare provider; to one of the largest Greek natural mineral water companies in a dispute with another beverage company. We represented a very widely known food company before the EUIPO; we handled a dispute regarding the use of the family name and marks following the split of the family business among the founder’s heirs.

With respect to patents, we acted as patent agents of Greek companies and a University Institution on a complex product patent registration.

Rokas has since its establishment been litigating in unfair competition cases. The proceedings spread from injunctions to disputes before the Supreme Court. Cases involve a number of breaches, ranging from illegal solicitation of clientele (for example, in the insurance intermediaries sector), and of business and personnel (for example, in the postal services market), to fraudulent and defamatory allegations and comparative advertising (for example, in the pharmaceuticals sector), and other relevant breaches.

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