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Rokas has an insurance litigation department since 1981. The firm, since its establishment in 1977, has gained experience in insurance litigation cases, also utilising the accumulated expertise, from as far back as 1969, of its founder and in particular it has dealt with innumerous disputes arising out of insurance contracts’ terms including life insurance, all kinds of recovery in ship, air, railway, road transport, MTPL cases as well as numerous disputes concerning matters related to State Supervision.

Within the above framework, we represent insurance companies in several types of first insurance policy related litigation, from reinsurance claims to consumer class actions against insurance companies, to international litigation as well as international arbitration cases.

In the last 4 decades, we’ve been acting for a number of insurers based in Greece and other jurisdictions, in claims litigation before the Greek Courts and we have successfully defended litigation ranging from commercial claims amounting over € 400 mio to consumer protection agencies that filed collective legal proceedings against Greek insurance enterprises, affecting insurers’ interests to a value of more than € 400 mio. We assist insurance companies in tax matters related to the insurance business and in the relevant litigation. We represent both primary insurers and London-market reinsurers in relation to a number of claims arising from the compulsory professional liability insurance policies for brokers. Rokas firms, in other European countries, have great experience also in insurance litigations.

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