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In the course of its continuous involvement in financial law-related projects, Rokas has built a substantial expertise in relation to the legal framework regulating debt and equity capital markets, securities and derivative products, market participants and market infrastructure. Thus, Rokas is in the best position to provide state-of-the-art legal services to banks, other financial institutions and tier-one international law firms seeking advice on local laws.

Rokas drafted the Corporate Governance Rules for a number of joint stock companies, including some of the largest market players in Greece. Among the most recent assignments the firm has dealt with, is rendering advice to a number of market players, primarily listed companies, on issues related to the Shareholders’ Rights Directive and the adoption of Greek Corporate Governance Codes. One of the firm’s partners has been a primary actor in the drafting of the Athens Stock Exchange Rules over the last few years.

Rokas has advised the Greek Capital Markets Commission on specific legal issues and has recovered illegally appropriated funds through litigation in Greece, on behalf of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. By way of day-to-day practice we have accumulated valuable experience on debt capital markets in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

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